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Parents, you will find your tickets in your child’s folder at school.


Tickets are available for a suggested donation of $20 for a book of 10, or $2 individually.

School Families:
We are asking each family to sell or buy at least $160 in tickets (8 books)—though, by all means, feel free to SELL MORE!

The family that sells the most tickets will receive an awesome prize!


What to do with ticket stubs and money collected:

• Place your ticket stubs and cash collected in an envelope with your child’s full name on the outside.

• Put your envelopes in the box located on top of the cubbies in the middle room opposite the Parent Hours binder. There will be a sign indicating it is the raffle collection box.

• Don’t forget to put your child’s full name on the envelope every time you turn one in to ensure that you receive credit for all the tickets you sell!

• Turn in your money and stubs often – please don’t hold them until the end.


Join us Saturday, May 4 for a fun Family Picnic at Wade Thomas School (across the street from SAPS) where we'll eat, have fun, and hold the raffle!

Details of the picnic are forthcoming ... stay tuned!

More Details:

Big sellers can win before the raffle begins, namely:
• A prize to the first family to sell 80 tickets.
• A prize to the family that sells the most tickets.

Parent participation hours can also be earned by setting up a table in the community to sell raffle tickets (perhaps at a coffee shop or local grocer)—find out more on this option by contacting Elizabeth in the school office.
Our suggestion is to ask everyone in your circle—family, friends, neighbors and colleagues—to buy tickets.

REMEMBER: Proceeds benefit families in need, staff development, school facilities and equipment. Beyond that, the prizes are fantastic and tickets are affordable!

How affordable?

• One ticket costs less than a latte.
• Ten tickets cost less than movie tickets and popcorn for two.
So SELL, SELL, SELL! And if you need more tickets, come and get ‘em in the school office!

If you'd like to donate a prize, please contact Jana Kopyciok-Lande